An incite to develop something unique, kindled our spirits and this gave rise to
Clayman Refractories which has proven its existence in the industry for the past
30 years

We derive pleasure in building a relationship based on trust and strength. We are pioneers in the refractory industry since 1981.We use high end technology driven machinery and ensure the development of quality refractories.

Now we are installing a Rotary Kiln for Producing Refractory Bed Materials.

We have expanded our service to almost every section of the industrial sector. We manufacture all Kinds of Refractories in all shapes and sizes as per the customer specification.
Refractory Boiler Bed Materials
Fire Bricks
Bottom Pouring Refractory Sets
Cold Face Insulation Bricks
Cupola Bricks
Fire Clay powder
Grog Powder
Grog Grains
Low Cement Castables
We are a registered Suppliers of Tamil Nadu Sugar Corporation, Southern Railway and other industries.
Cement Industry
Glass Industry
Steel Plants
Mini Steel Plants
Steel Rolling Mills
Power Generation Units
Sponge Iron Industry
Pharmaceutical Industries and many more...